We would like to impact the Hudson Valley’s culture in a
fresh creative way. By creating a new connection between our
team, educators in our community, and the many arts organizations that exist in the Hudson Valley today.
We intend to help our local children to have a means to grow, apply their talents, and have a venue to promote their development. We now have a different means to create, store, and disseminate creative endeavors, through the internet.
We post music, videos, and we can blog and have educational websites through the school districts, that educators are part of, or privately. We can access wonderful websites: like Kahn academy, and there are many, many links to educational videos that help us and our children learn. We’d like to hear from you
about your favorite links, so that we can include them on our
We would also like to hear about your suggestions, for educational
programs that you feel are missing in our local Hudson Valley area.

Our Mutual Goals: