“Not every person can afford to pay for the advice, or education, that they need to understand how to build upon their dreams, passions and innate talents.”
That is what inspired the story behind “Wealth-Legacy.” It seemed that the legacy part is what the talented individuals were missing. Legacy is when people leave things for others. People buy life insurance for their loved ones, for their family usually. So, when they die,  their children get their money. Well, some people also like to give to charity, such as to the arts and education. So, that’s where the legacy part comes in. Your legacy is what you leave for others.
Wealth-Legacy seeks financial support for the development of arts education programs.
A non-for- profit, needs the same things that other companies do: staff to answer phones, do marketing, create a website, do promotional work, and coordinate the arts programs.
That all takes money, and cannot be totally offset by the fees that parents pay for the arts education programs. That’s why it’s a non-for- profit, so funds can pay for the business expenses for the arts programs. In order to keep the program costs affordable, they have to have other financial resources to meet all the expenses.

Our Inspiration: