(1) The Visual and Performing Arts: including music, dance, fine arts, etiquette, and/or the study of historical and cultural sites;


(2) Financial literacy for purpose of improving public education (K-12) in specific areas that are gaps in our communities, as it stands today;


(3) Fundraising, Philanthropy and General Arts Management Coaching Services to increase a non-profit organization’s long-term financial stability. Here is brief summary of a program Wealth-Legacy, Inc sponsored.

Guitar Summer Camp in 2014.
We have completed one program so far that was created and executed by Roy C. Coates,II. I have here the Guitar Camp Flyer and Music Program from  the live performance, that was held. In the future, when we have the funding for the website, we can post excerpts from the recordings made from the performance, and continue to expand the curriculum used for the camp. Once everything is set up, including the legal  disclosures and permissions, the live recording excerpts will be accessible on the website, www.wealth-legacy.org. I would like to plan future events, like this one.
Character & Classical Ballet Series
The Hudson Valley has been a haven for dance for many years. Two of the local celebrated teachers were Mme. Seda Sorvillo, who operated the Ballet Arts Studio, and Tom Adair, who ran Poughkeepsie Ballet Theatre. As one of the last graduating group of ballet students from 1981-1984, it is a goal of mine to begin to offer master classes in Character Dance and Ballet in the style and tradition of these
teachers. Each class will be a 75 to 90 minute class. The classes can run as a weekly series of classes. They may include the traditional character dances such as the Mazurka and Hungarian Dances that are part of classical ballet repertoire. Other dance programs may be available based on other teacher’s
availability. The programs would be available to any existing summer program, and/or currently operating school for dancers with intermediate and advanced ballet training.
Future Program:
Mark R. Amodeo Art Scholarship

In tribute to Mark R. Amodeo, a 1977 graduate of Roy C. Ketcham’s Fine Arts Program, a memorial scholarship fund was created upon his passing on July 2, 2014. I would like the scholarship to be awarded to a graduate of Roy C. Ketcham’s Fine Arts Program, and plan to select through an application process which will be made public on the Wealth-Legacy website and I would work with the school’s guidance counselor, fine arts teacher and/or current board of directors to ensure approval.
Performing Music to Raise Funds for Lymes
I would like to coordinate an event for Local High School Bands will perform at either the Falcon, or Clove Creek Dinner Theatre or a local High School Auditorium, to benefit current patients with Lymes Disease. I
plan to call it Lyme-Aid of the Hudson Valley. As you know we are #2 County in the country for Lyme’s.